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Whether you are looking for specific articles or searching for a journal that will publish your work, this list of journals all deal specifically with migration related issues. We direct you to the journal website for further information.

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Scholarly Journals on Migration

  • Citizenship Studies

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Published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Edited by: Engin F. Isin, Bryan S. Turner
Citizenship Studies publishes internationally recognised scholarly work on contemporary issues in citizenship, human rights and democratic processes from an interdisciplinary perspective covering the fields of politics, sociology, history and cultural studies. It seeks to lead an international debate on the academic analysis of citizenship, and also aims to cross the division between internal and academic and external public debate. The journal focuses on debates that move beyond conventional notions of citizenship, and treats citizenship as a strategic concept that is central in the analysis of identity, participation, empowerment, human rights and the public interest. Citizenship is analysed in the context of contemporary processes involving globalisation, theories of international relations, changes to the state and political communities, multiculturalism, gender, indigenous peoples and national reconciliation, equity, social and public policy, welfare, and the reorganisation of public management. As a theoretically basic concept, citizenship provides new tools for formulating problems and providing practical analysis and advice in these fields. The journal seeks to publish papers that provide links between theory, institutions such as markets and religions, and the analysis of substantive issues. (Self-description).

  • EJML – European Journal of Migration and Law

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Centre for Migration Law, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands in cooperation with Migration Policy Group, Brussels.
The European Journal of Migration and Law is a quarterly journal on migration law and policy with specific emphasis on the European Union, the Council of Europe and migration activities within the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. This journal differs from other migration journals by focusing on both the law and policy within the field of migration, as opposed to examining immigration and migration policies from a wholly sociological perspective. The European Journal of Migration and Law provides an invaluable source of information and a platform for discussion for government and public officials, academics, lawyers and NGOs interested in migration issues in the European context. Devoted exclusively to migration law and policy, the original research and analysis the Journal presents will emphasize the development of migration policies across Europe. Each issue will have a cross-disciplinary approach to migration and social issues such as access of migrants to social security and assistance benefits, including socio-legal and meta-juridical perspectives. (Self-description).

  • Ethnic and Racial Studies

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Routledge, United Kingdom
Edited by: Martin Bulmer
Ethnic and Racial Studies is published bi-monthly. The journal provides an interdisciplinary academic forum for the presentation of research and theoretical analysis, drawing on sociology, social policy, anthropology, political science, economics, geography, international relations, social psychology and cultural studies. Ethnic and Racial Studies welcomes contributions from both established and younger scholars working in any of the main areas of interest. Articles with an empirical focus as well as contributions at the cutting edge of theoretical debates in the field are welcomed. (Self-description).

  • Ethnicities

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SAGE Publications, United Kingdom
Edited by: Stephen May, Tariq Modood
Ethnicities is a cross-disciplinary journal, centred on sociology and politics, that provides a critical interdisciplinary dialogue on questions of ethnicity, nationalism and related issues such as identity politics and minority rights. Ethnicitiesaim to explore the complex interconnections between culture and socioeconomic structure with respect to the mobilisation of ethnicity, other social movements, and the implications of such mobilisation(s) for modern nation-states.Ethnicitieshas a truly international reach, and welcome discussion of any country or region of the world, as well as transnational and diasporic contexts. (Self-description).

  • European Journal of Cultural Studies

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SAGE Publications, United Kingdom
Edited by: Pertti Alasuutari, Ann Grey, Joke Hermes
European Journal of Cultural Studies is a major journal based in Europe which promotes a conception of cultural studies rooted in lived experience. The journal adopts a broad-ranging view of cultural studies, charting new questions and new research, and mapping the transformation of cultural studies in the years to come. The journal is interdisciplinary bringing together articles from a textual, philosophical and social scientific background, as well as from cultural studies. It engages in critical discussions on power relations concerning gender, class, sexual preference, ethnicity and other macro or micro sites of political struggle. (Self-description).

  • FMR - Forced Migration Review


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Journal of the Refugee Studies Centre (Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtre Queen Elisabeth House, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
Edited by: Marion Couldrey, Tim Morris
Forced Migration Review (FMR) is distributed to NGOs, human rights agencies, Red Cross, UNHCR, UNICEF and other UN agencies, bilateral donors, refugee camps, research institutes, foreign and interior ministries and universities and national and public libraries. FMR provides the humanitarian community with a practice-oriented forum for debate on issues facing refugees and internally displaced people in order to improve policy and practice. FMR is published three times a year in English, Arabic and Spanish. (Self-description).

  • Georgetown Immigration Law Journal

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Georgetown University Law Centre
Edited by: Gordon Smith
The Georgetown Immigration Law Journal is a scholarly publication that is dedicated to the advancement of legal knowledge in the field of immigration law. The Journal is published quarterly and is dedicated to exploring and critically analyzing international and domestic events as they shape the field of immigration law. Each issue features articles by scholars and legal practitioners, as well as a significant number of student notes and a section reviewing current developments in immigration. (Self-description).

  • IJRL – International Journal of Refugee Law

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Oxford Journals, Oxford University Press, United Kingdom.
Edited by: Geoff Gilbert
The journal aims to stimulate research and thinking on refugee law and its development, taking account of the broadest range of State and international organization practice. In addition, it serves as an essential tool for all engaged in the protection of refugees and finding solutions to their problems. It regularly provides key information and commentary on today’s critical issues, including the causes of refugee and related movements, internal displacement, the particular situation of women and refugee children, the human rights dimension, restrictive policies, asylum and determination procedures, populations at risk and the conditions in different countries. It is of value to anyone involved in refugee work, whether lawyers, teachers, students, researchers, NGO workers, or officials in immigration, government, and international organizations. (Self-description).

  • International Migration

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Blackwell Publishing on behalf of The international Organization for Migration (Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtre
Edited by: Elzbieta M. Gozdziak
International Migration is a refereed, policy oriented journal on migration issues as analysed by demographers, economists, sociologists, political scientists and other social scientists from all parts of the world. It covers the entire field of policy relevance in international migration, giving attention not only to a breadth of topics reflective of policy concerns, but also attention to coverage of all regions of the world and to comparative policy. (Self description).

  • IMR – International Migration Review

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Published by The Centre for Migration Studies for New York
The International Migration Review is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal on sociodemographic, economic, historical, political and legislative aspects of human migration and refugee movements. Each issue of IMR presents original articles, research and documentation notes, reports on key legislative developments - both national and international, an extensive bibliography and abstracting service, the International Sociological Association's International Newsletter on Migration, plus a scholarly review of new books in the field. IMR also offers annual special issues. Planned by the Editorial Board in conjunction with guest editors, each of these issues provides an extensive and comprehensive analysis of a single topic of emerging relevance in migration studies. Through an interdisciplinary approach and from an international perspective, IMR provides the single most comprehensive forum devoted exclusively to the analysis and review of international population movements. (Self-description).

  • Írínkérindó – A Journal of African Migration

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Online journal offered by institutional support of Brooklyn College
Edited by: Mojúbàolú Olufúnké Okome, Bertrade Ngo-Ngijol Banoum
Ìrìnkèrindò: a Journal of African Migration provides a forum for scholarly articles of the highest quality. The journal documents the relevance of African immigration to the world's social, political and economic systems as well as its historical effects on culture; it responds to the debates on immigration and problematize its assumed effects. It also generates debate among scholars and intellectuals of African immigration, and migration demographers, and African immigrants and themselves. (Self-description).

  • JEMIE – Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe

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European Centre for Minority Issues, Germany
Edited by: Marc Weller
Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe is a peer-reviewed electronic journal edited under the auspices of the European Centre for Minority Issues (Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtre JEMIE is a multi-disciplinary journal, which addresses minority issues across a broad range of studies, such as ethnopolitics, democratization, conflict management, good governance, participation, minority issues and minority rights. It is devoted to analyzing current developments in minority-majority relations in the wider Europe, and stimulating further debate amongst academics, students and practitioners on issues of instability and integration that are hampering democratic development in Europe - both East and West. As an electronic journal, JEMIE aims to make scholarly debate available to as wide an audience as possible, providing easy access to cutting-edge academic literature and creating a forum where young scholars and practitioners can present their ideas alongside more established academics. (Self-description).

  • JEMS - Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

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Centre for Migration Studies, University of Sussex, United Kingdom.
Edited by: Rusell King
JEMS publishes the results of first class research on all forms of migration and its consequences, together with articles on ethnic conflict, discrimination, racism, nationalism, citizenship and policies of integration. Contributions to the journal, which are refereed by independent scientific specialists, are especially welcome when they report on comparative research. Contributions are invited from any branch of the social sciences, and the results of inter-disciplinary research are of particular interest. (Self-description).

  • JIMI – Journal of International Migration and Integration

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University of Alberta, Canada
Edited by: Baha Abu-Laban
The Journal of International Migration and Integration is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary bilingual (English and French) scholarly journal, published quarterly. All articles submitted to the journal are peer reviewed anonymously, and acceptance is based on original contributions offering new findings, theoretical discoveries, and policy insights. Article submissions are open to researchers, policy-makers, and service providers. The editors welcome original research studies relevant to the concerns of policy-makers and NGOs in a wide range of areas related to the journal's mandate. Examples: socio-economic, political, cultural and educational integration of migrants and refugees; interrelationships with the larger society; impacts of migration and diversity on the host society; linguistic and religious diversity; transnationalism; spatial distribution; gender roles and family; multiculturalism; media and communication; social cohesion—inclusion; demographic planning; population health; racism and discrimination—exclusion; youth; identity; citizenship; temporary migration; justice and security; settlement programs and policy. (Self-description).

  • JRS – Journal of Refugee Studies

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Oxford Journals, Oxford University Press, United Kingdom
Edited by: Richard Black, Joanne van Selm
Journal of Refugee Studies provides a forum for exploration of the complex problems of forced migration and national, regional and international responses. The journal covers all categories of forcibly displaced people. Contributions that develop theoretical understandings of forced migration, or advance knowledge of concepts, policies and practice are welcomed from both academics and practitioners. Journal of Refugee Studies is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, and is published in association with the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford. (Self-description).


  • Michigan Journal of Race and Law




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Published by University of Michigan Law School, United States
The purpose of the Michigan Journal of Race & Law is to serve as a forum for the exploration of issues relating to race and law, most specifically those issues that are marginalized in mainstream legal discourse. The Journal seeks to provide a space for scholars of all races to expand and develop a theoretical, critical, and socially relevant race discourse. To that end, the Journal publishes the views of scholars, students, practitioners, and social scientists. The Journal welcomes, indeed seeks, a diversity of views from a broad range of perspectives. Submissions and responses from readers are encouraged. (Self-description).


  • Migration Letters




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European Business School, London, United Kingdom
Edited by: Ibrahim Sirkeci, Jeffrey H. Cohen, Elli Heikkila
Migration Letters is a quarterly international journal on migration issues with an interdisciplinary perspective. Migration Letters is the first letter-type double-blind refereed journal publishing short accounts of new original research in migration studies as well as reviews, debates and comments. The breadth of topics ranges from internal migration to transnational mobility and from voluntary to forced migration. Original research papers from related disciplines are considered for publication. Papers can be theoretical, empirical, applied or policy oriented. Migration Letters, choosing a letter-type format, originally aimed to disseminate valuable short accounts of research which may not be publishable in full-length journals. (Self-description).


  • Population Studies




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Published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Edited by: John Simons
For over half a century, Population Studies has reported significant advances in methods of demographic analysis, conceptual and mathematical theories of demographic dynamics and behaviour, and the use of these theories and methods to extend scientific knowledge and to inform policy and practice. The Journal's coverage of this field is comprehensive: applications in developed and developing countries; historical and contemporary studies; quantitative and qualitative studies; analytical essays and reviews. The subjects of papers range from classical concerns, such as the determinants and consequences of population change, to such topics as family demography and evolutionary and genetic influences on demographic behaviour. (Self-description).


  • REMI – Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales




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Poitiers, France
The Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales is a French language journal publishing empirical and theoretical research findings about international migration and interethnic relations. Information on the web site is only available in French.


  • The Global Review of Ethnopolitics




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Published by Routledge, United Kingdom
Edited by: Stefan Wolff, Karl Cordell
The Global Review of Ethnopolitics is an authoritative peer-reviewed online journal that establishes a forum for serious debate and exchange on all dimensions of ethnic politics around the globe. The journal will give a voice to established as well as younger researchers and analysts from academic as well as practitioner backgrounds. The journal publish original work of the highest quality in the field of ethnopolitics with methodological approaches covering mainly the disciplines of political science and international relations and taking primarily a contemporary, current affairs perspective. The journal maintains a fair balance between theoretical analyses of these matters and case studies both of comparative as well as singular nature. The major focus is on the analysis, management, settlement, and prevention of ethnic conflicts, on minority rights, group identity, the intersection of identity group formations and politics, on minority and majority nationalisms in the context of democratisation, and on the security and stability of states and regions as they are affected by any of the above issues. Particular attention is also devoted to the growing importance of international influences on ethnopolitics. Such influences include external diplomatic or military intervention, as well as the increasing impact of globalisation on ethnic identities and their political expressions. (Self-description).


  • Wadabagei – A Journal of the Caribbean and its Diaspora




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Published by Lexington Books, Caribbean Research Centre at Medgar Evers College, United States.
Edited by: J.A. George Irish
Wadabagei: A Journal of the Caribbean and Its Diasporas, is committed to facilitating the exchange of ideas among Caribbean scholars worldwide. It is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes scholarly articles and occasional creative works from diverse fields including politics, literature, sociology, and religion, and reviews recent publications in Caribbean studies. Wadabagei places special emphasis on the acculturation of Caribbean people in North America but explores the Caribbean experience in all geographic locations where Caribbean people have settled. The journal's title is a Garifuna name for the conch shell that is frequently used to awaken Caribbean villages and announce community gatherings. It symbolizes the historic call to action by Haitian slaves and the Caribbean people's continuing struggle for self-expression and self-determination. (Self-description).

Information and News Publications on Immigration

  • European Anti-Discrimination Law Review

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Prepared by The European Network of Legal Experts in the non-discrimination field. Published by Migration Policy Group, Brussels.
The European Anti-Discrimination Law Review is a bi-annual publication. The review is prepared by the European Network of Legal Experts in the non-discrimination field, a network established and managed by human European Consultancy and Migration Policy Group at the request of the European Commission. The Law Review is available in English, French and German and can be downloaded online. (Self-description).

  • Migration News

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University of California Berkeley, Centre for German and European Studies.
Migration News summarizes and analyzes the most important immigration and integration developments of the preceding quarter. Topics are grouped by region: North America, Europe, Asia and Other. There is no charge for an email subscription to Migration News. (Self-description).

  • MNS – Migration News Sheet

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Published by Migration Policy Group, Brussels.
The Migration News Sheet is a European monthly covering all major European developments in the fields of immigration and asylum policies, asylum-seekers, controlled migration, irregular and illegal immigration, racism and xenophobia, and issues arising out of the process of integrating ethnic minorities. (Self-description).