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International resources

The following institutions and organizations offer information on a wide range of immigration related topics. The international organizations offer a valuable opportunity to be updated on the latest news on immigration.

National resources

If you are doing research on a specific country you will be able to find local research institutions and other academics working with your field of interest. For each country you will find a list of research centres working specifically on migration. We direct you to their local website for further information.

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Research tools and project databases

The following links are other research tools for both students and professors. Here you are able to further develop and be inspired in your research on migration.

  • Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
    Berkeley University, California
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    The web site is designed to provide researchers, instructors and interested citizens with substantive content pertaining to immigration issues, including resources for studying and researching immigration, teaching courses with immigration content and providing easy access to news stories on immigration in the US and abroad. On the site you can find links to statistical information, archives, journals that publish on immigration, think tanks, course syllabi etc. The content on the website is concentrated on the US.
  • MIREM Return Migration to the Maghreb
    RSCAS, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
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    The main objective of the MIREM project lies in better taking into consideration the challenges linked to return migration as well as its impact on development. Analytical tools will be provided to better understand the return migration phenomenon as applied to the Maghreb countries (Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia). All the data produced by the MIREM project are accessible on the website. With this website MIREM wishes to encourage and develop further debate on the issue.

  • IMISCOE/HERMES Training Messenger
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    The training messenger is a tool for researchers working in migration, ethnicity and social cohesion looking for opportunities and development. The internet platform provides relevant news and facts to early-stage researchers. The Training Messenger gathers and provides information on training activities (summer schools, seminars, workshops etc), calls for papers and forthcoming events, seminars and conferences in the EU.

  • MDRC - The Minority Data Resource Center
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    The mission of MDRC is to provide data resources for the comparative analysis of issues affecting racial and ethnic minority populations in the United States. The site offers access to existing ICPSR data and to newly acquired studies that are relevant to the study of immigration, place of origin, ancestry, ethnicity, and race in the United States.  Access to MDRC data is available to anyone at an ICPSR member university or institution. Many of the studies that comprise the collection have the full product suite of setup and ready-to-files for SAS, SPSS, and Stata, as well as PDF documentation and online analysis capabilities. MDRC is both a data archive, and a resource for instructors.