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Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies (Centre d'Etudes de l'Ethnicité et des Migrations)
Institute for human and social sciences, University of Liege
The CEDEM, created in 1995, is an interfaculty centre whose aim is to carry out theoretical and empirical research in the fields of human migrations, ethnic relations and racism. Among others, the Centre is interested in the relations between migration processes and uneven development. These researches are led in a multi-disciplinary perspective: political science, sociology, anthropology, international relations, law, etc.

Interdisciplinary Research Group on Gender and Migration
University Libre de Bruxelles
The GEM aims at making the gender aspect of migration more visible in academic research. The articulation of gender and migration aims at taking into account the gender impacts on the migrants, in particular on domination, discrimination and exploitation processes. The research group seeks to create spaces for exchange, to improve knowledge and develop new research and reflection in a feminist multidisciplinary perspective.

(Centre d'étude sur l'ethnicité, le racisme, les migrations et l'exclusion)
Institute of Sociology, Université Libre de Bruxelles
The GERME, created in 1995, focuses on ethnicity, racism, migration and exclusion. The main focus of the center is sociological but other disciplines are also incorporated in the projects.

Official Sites

  • Official statistical databank –
    Statistics Belgium
    Belgium ’s official statistical databank offers information and statistics on immigrants in Belgium . Most of the information is available in both Dutch, French, German and English.

  • Ecodata –
    Ecodata offers official economical and financial data regarding Belgium . Information is available in Dutch and French.