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Centre for Sociological Analysis and Intervention
CADIS is a sociology research center based on the idea of ‘sociological intervention,’ which is designed as an analytical process whereby social actors are enabled to accede to certain forms of self-awareness. Research conducted by the centre researchers focus on issues such as racism, citizenship, immigration and urban issues in France.

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Public Documentation Centre
CIEMI is an extensive documentation centre devoted to migration which is open to the public. The centre edits the journal Migrations – Société.

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Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques
INED has a special research unit on international migration and minorities. The unit is interested in the relations between demography and political and social systems.

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Migrations Internationales, Espaces et Sociétés
Université de Poitiers
Migrinter is a University and CNRS research centre located in Poitiers. Migrinter specializes in international migration and interethnic relations. The research centre privileges a multi-disciplinary approach with a special focus on immigrants and the effects of immigration in hosting European countries. The activities of the centre include research, teaching and the organization of conferences on immigration in Europe. The centre offers access to an extensive documentation centre specialized in migration issues to PhD. students. Migrinter edits the journal REMI (Revue Européenne de Migrations Internationales). The research centre also offers a master program called “Migrations Internationales et Relations Interethniques.”

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Unité de Recherche Migrations et Société
University of Paris
The Research Unit on Migration and Society (Unité de recherche Migrations et société URMIS) is a University and CNRS research centre located in Paris (University Paris 7 Denis Diderot) and Nice (University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis). It comprises 27 researchers from different disciplines (sociology, anthropology, contemporary history, social psychology). They are involved in teaching and research on migration and ethnic relations, and have conducted numerous studies on ethnic relations in urban areas, cultural transmission in immigrant groups, national and local policies about integration, ethnic minorities and citizenship, racism and ethnicity, discriminatory practices at school and in the workplaces. The Unit offers a PhD degree “Migration and Interethnic relations”, as well as a database specialized on Migration and ethnic relations (REMISIS).

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This is an online bibliographical database on migration with extensive keyword search options.

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Travaux Etudes Recherches sur les Réfugiés et l'Asile
Terra is a net-based research centre. Its objective is to stimulate the knowledge on issues related to migration. Terra has a special focus on forced migration and the rights and living conditions for refugees. Terra activities include organizing regular seminars and conferences and providing online access to recent research theses. In addition Terra maintains an active listserv on migration-related information and events.

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