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Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy
ELIAMEP does research on topics pertaining to European and foreign security policies in the wider Southeast European, Black Sea and Mediterranean regions, as well as issues related to international politics, transatlantic relations, security and economics in order to contribute to and influence public debate. ELIAMEP has increasingly explored the challenges facing Europe’s changing society, the political cultures of Europe and European public sphere.

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Hellenic Immigration Policy Institute
The Immigration Policy Institute (I.ME.PO.) is a legal entity under private law supervised by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The mission of IMEPO is to do migration-related research and to conduct studies that contribute to the design and implementation of a viable and realistic immigration policy within the European Union’s Framework. In addition IMEPO acts as an advisor of the Greek Government on migration policy issues.

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Mediterranean Migration Observatory
Panteion University
MMO is specialized in Middle East and Mediterranean studies on behalf of the Global Commission on International Migration. MMO publishes research on behalf of IMEPO (The Immigration Policy Institute).