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Centre for Migration Studies
Ulster American Folkpark, Omagh
The Centre for Migration Studies was established in 1998. CMS supports the study of Irish migration worldwide and is involved in teaching on these issues. Its staff teaches postgraduate and undergraduate students in partnership with the two main universities in the province, Queen's University Belfast and the University of Ulster.

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Ionad na hImirce,
University College Cork
The Irish Centre for Migration Studies promotes the study of historical and contemporary migration, to and from Ireland, within a comparative international framework. The Centre investigates worldwide Irish migrant experiences and conditions in the late twentieth century; the implications of the growing rate of immigration into Ireland for Irish identity, culture and society; and the policy implications of these various developments.

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  • Central Statistics office Ireland – Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtre
    The Irish Central Statistics Office offers statistical information on population issues, labour issues etc. There is also information regarding immigrants in Ireland. Information is available in English.