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Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale
Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale is an independent research organization which research activities in the field of migration. CeSPI does policy oriented research and critical monitoring of the contemporary evolution of migration policies. CeSPI also does empirical research which is interdisciplinary and multisituated, aiming at developing a comprehensive and dynamic view of international mobility dynamics and of transnational behaviours.

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Centro Studio Emigrazione
The Centre for Migration Studies (CSER) is a cultural institution established in 1963 by the General Administration of the Scalabrinian Missionaries to study the sociological, historical, political, theological and pastoral aspects of national and international migration movements. Since its foundation, the Centre has been committed to the interdisciplinary approach of migration and related issues through a documentation center, publications, research and conferences. CSER Documentation Centre includes a specialized library, historical archives and photographic collections.

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International and European Forum for Migration Research
FIERI is an interdisciplinary network of Italian and international scholars and focuses its research on migration and the inclusion of foreign minorities. FIERI seeks to foster the creation of research groups on migration and bridging academic work, public decision-making and public opinion. It is involved in the IMISCOE research network.

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Fondazione Cariplo per le Iniziative e lo Studio Multietnicita
ISMU, established in 1991, is an autonomous and independent organization promoting studies, research and projects on multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society. ISMU focuses in particular on international migration. The Foundation has a European Observatory that covers the immigration policies of nine European Union countries. The Foundation is also involved in the Metropolis Project and is co-operating in the EU Odysseus Project. Research activity has been centered on immigrant policies in some European countries (France, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Portugal); the economic participation of foreigners specifically in Lombardy; the return of foreigners to their homeland; the role of private schools; deviant behavior; the presence of foreigners in the Lombardy school system; educational models in determining cultural environments.

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Facoltà di Sociologia
Università di Roma
The Laboratory’s research focuses on ethnic problems, with special reference to situations linked to immigration in Italy and Europe. It organizes conferences, seminars and workshops on ethnic issues.

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