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Centro de Estudos Geograficos - Migration, Cities and Minorities
University of Lisbon
The MCM is responsible for a series of research and applied research projects in the fields of migration, urban change and urban governance in Europe (with a special emphasis on Portugal). The centre focuses on migration and regional development, and diasporic and transnational communities. The centre seeks to develop a framework to aid decision-making that will ultimately lead to the creation of socially-sustainable urban environments.

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Centre for social studies
University of Coimbra
CES is a social science research institution affiliated with the School of Economics of the University of Coimbra. The research team includes sociologists, economists, legal scholars, anthropologists, educators, literary and cultural studies scholars, geographers, historians, and medical doctors. One of the main research areas of the centre concerns the cultural aspects of migration and mobilization.

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New University of Lisbon
Soci Nova is a member of the IMISCOE research network. The institute offers courses in migration, ethnic minorities and transnationalism. Researchers carry out research on topics related to migration.