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Centre for Research in International and Ethnic Relations
Stockholm University
CEIFO, established in 1983, is an inter-disciplinary research unit within the Faculty of Social Sciences at Stockholm University. Its overarching aim is to coordinate and develop research in the field of international migration and ethnic relations. CEIFO's field of research includes voluntary and forced migration, national boundaries and control mechanisms, processes of social exclusion (racism, discrimination etc.), policies and procedures of incorporation (citizenship, minority rights etc.), collective identities (social, ethnic), transnational communities and the development of multicultural/multi-ethnic societies.

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Uppsala University
The Centre for Multiethnic Research is a cross-disciplinary forum for the study of the cultural issues, social phenomena, and processes of change related to ethnic dimensions. The centre also covers ethnic relationships and processes in multicultural societies, as well as the effects of international migration within cultures. The activities of the Centre focus on research, postgraduate education, documentation, and public information. The perspective is a global one, but the Swedish situation is given special emphasis.

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International Migration and Ethnic Relations
Malmö Högskola
IMER organizes lectures and does research on democracy, human rights, migration, ethnicity, integration, peace and conflict, culture, human communication and language, moral and ethics. The courses offered have an international perspective and most courses are given in both English and Swedish.

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Documentation and Research on Immigrants, Refugees and Racism
The Immigrant institute is a non-governmental organization whose aim is to be a research and documentation centre about immigrants, refugees and racism. IMMI has a large archive, a library and a museum. In the library (Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtre you can find not only the main collection which deals with migration research but also works by immigrant authors living in Sweden, as well as a large collection of immigrant journals and magazines on migration and immigrants from the daily Swedish journals. Information is available in Swedish, Spanish and English.

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Multicultural Centre
The Multicultural centre, consists mostly of ethnologists, who do research on how the past few decades of immigration to Sweden has transformed society and individuals. The MKC also studies how individuals and organizations deal with living in an environment characterized by rapid change and increasing cultural diversity. The MKC’s work is field based and the researchers meet the local inhabitants in their everyday milieu. By means of interviews and participant observations, the researchers study the life stories of individuals as well as the working of various parts of the public sector


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The Department for Ethnic Studies has merged and become part of REMESO - Institute for Research on Migration, ethnicity and Society
Department of Ethnic Studies
REMESO adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of migration, ethnicity and society. The Institute pursues critical research of ethnically diverse societies influenced by transnational migration with an emphasis placed on the restructuring of the labour market, of education and health, as well as to changing frameworks of citizenship and welfare.

Official Sites

  • Integrationsverket – Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtre
    Ministry of integration and gender equality
    The Swedish Integration Board has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the visions and goals of Sweden’s integration policies have an impact in different areas of society. On the site you can find facts and information about immigration in Sweden. Information is available in Swedish and English.

  • Statistics Sweden – Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtre
    Statistics Sweden is a central government authority for official statistics and other government statistics and in this capacity also has the responsibility for coordinating and supporting the Swedish system for official statistics. Information is available in Swedish and English.