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Centre for the Study of Migration
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Queen Mary University of London
The Centre for the Study of Migration is concerned with the study of the movements of people locally, nationally and internationally. The centre is inter-disciplinary and is supported at Queen Mary, University of London by members of the Arts, Social Science and Medical Science faculties who have researched and published widely on migration-related topics. The Centre holds regular conferences and seminars and provides facilities for visiting scholars.

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Centre on Migration, Policy and Society
University of Oxford
The Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) focuses on understanding conditions surrounding migration in areas of origin, transit and destination. COMPAS undertakes interdisciplinary research on key aspects of global mobility and migration. The Centres approach is multi-levelled and seeks to understand relationships between international relations and global political economy, national policy regimes, and migrants’ own perceptions and practices. COMPAS staff contributes to existing postgraduate degree programs at Oxford, supervise doctoral students and train postdoctoral fellows.

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Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration
Department of Economics, University College London
CReAM is an independent and interdisciplinary research centre. The centre focuses on the causes, patterns, and consequences of international population mobility and movements affecting the UK and Europe and on associated global processes. Research conducted within the Centre is both theoretical and empirical. The centre places most emphasis on quantitative research.

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Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations
University of Warwick
The Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER) focuses on the processes of racial discrimination, issues of citizenship, political participation, cultural identity, refugees, ethnic mobilization and nationalism. The centre focuses on the dissemination of research findings, both to the academic community and the wider world.

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Development Research centre on Migration, Globalization and Poverty
The Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty was established in June 2003, in recognition of the complex relationship between migration and poverty. The DRC examines migration flows in which poor people themselves are most represented and how migration impacts variously on their livelihoods, rights and levels of social protection. The Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty aims to promote new policy approaches that will help to maximize the potential benefits of migration for poor people, whilst minimizing its risks and costs. The centre undertakes a programme of research, capacity-building, training and promotion of dialogue to provide a strong evidential and conceptual base needed for such new policy approaches. The centre aims to share this knowledge directly with poor migrants, contributing both directly and indirectly to the elimination of poverty.The Migration DRC is funded by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID).

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The Migration Study Unit
London School of Economics and Political Science
The Migration Study Unit established in the Spring 2007 promotes the cross-disciplinary study of migration. The unit aims at stimulating debate on migration studies through lectures, conferences, research seminars and a graduate reading group.
The MSU engages and offers a international network for scholars
interested in migration, and share resources with MSU members through a mailing list and events bulletin.

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Migration Research Unit, Department of Geography
University College London
The MRU was established in 1988. Its purpose is to carry out high quality research, independently or in collaboration with others. The centre aims to increase knowledge and understanding of international population migration issues. The Migration Research Unit is working on a project dealing with the implications on migration resulting from continued European Union enlargement.

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Refugee Studies Centre
Oxford University
The RSC, established in 1982, is dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of the causes and consequences of human displacement and the involvement of practitioners, policy-makers and displaced people in the study of forced migration. Research activities are carried out in four main areas: asylum from an international legal and political perspective, conflict and post-conflict reintegration, diasporas and transnational communities, development-induced displacement and resettlement. The RSC organizes a regular summer school on forced migration. The summer school is intended for experienced practitionersinvolved with assistance and policy-making for forced migrants. Participants typically include host government officials, intergovernmental and non-governmental agency personnel engaged in planning, administering and coordinating assistance, and graduate researchers intending to specialize in the study of forced migration.

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Sussex Centre for Migration Research
Sussex University
The SCMR, founded in 1997, is concerned with the international movements of people. The centre adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the study of contemporary migration worldwide, with a particular focus on migration processes and policies in Europe and the 'global south'.

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