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Centre for Comparative Immigration Studies
University of California, San Diego
CCIS was established in 1999. The centre conducts basic and policy-oriented research projects on international migration and refugee flows throughout the world. There is a special focus on U.S. immigration experience through systematic comparison with other countries of immigration, especially Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Centre for Immigration Research
University of Houston
The Centre for Immigration Research seeks to study the consequences of current immigration trends in order to inform decision making concerning international and national immigration policies, as well as to disseminate information to local institutions, organizations and policy-makers involved with the settlement and incorporation of America's "new immigrants" into their communities. The research projects are mostly concerned with religion, ethnicity and new immigrants with the US as the central case.

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Centre for Migration and Development
Princeton University
The Centre for Migration and Development was established in 1998. It is sponsoring a wide array of research, travel, and conference programs aimed at linking scholars with interests in the broad area of migration and community with national development. Of particular interest to CMD research is the relationship between immigrant communities in the developed world and the growth and development prospects of the sending nations.

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Centre for Migration Studies
New York
CMS is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) with special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. The Centre was founded in New York in 1964. It is committed to facilitating the study of sociodemographic, historical, economic, political, legislative and pastoral aspects of human migration and refugee movements. The centre for migration studies publishes the International Migration Review, an interdisciplinary social science quarterly.

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Institute for the Study of International Migration
Georgetown University
ISIM was founded in 1998. The institute focuses on all aspects of international migration, including the causes of and potential responses to population movements, immigration and refugee law and policy, comparative migration studies, the integration of immigrants into their host societies, and the effects of international migration on social, economic, demographic, foreign policy and national security concerns. ISIM provides interdisciplinary analysis of the issues raised by international migration. The Institute conducts research convenes symposia and conferences on U.S. immigration and refugee law and policies. It also undertakes comparative analysis of international migration issues affecting other countries, including various bilateral, regional, and multilateral approaches to migration and refugee policy.

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Population Studies and Training Centre
Brown University, Providence, USA
The Population Studies and Training Centre, established in 1965, is a demography research and training centre offering an interdisciplinary graduate training program.
Areas of research interest include social demography, economic demography, anthropological demography, and population health. The centre has a primary focus on migration and urbanization.