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Introduction to the Migration field

There are still only a small handful of textbooks that are comprehensive and accessible enough to be used as textbooks for a course on international migration with a focus on Europe. In this section, we thus recommend a couple of handbook articles as well.



Castles, Stephen. & Miller, Mark J. 2003: The Age of Migration: International Population Movements in the Modern World, Guilford Press, New York.
The Age of Migration is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the multiple aspects of population movements around the globe. The text provides a global perspective to population movements, why they take place, and their effects on industrialized countries and the developing world.
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Castles, Stephen & Davidson, Alastair 2000: Citizenship and Migration: Globalization and the Politics of Belonging, Palgrave, Basingstoke.
Citizenship and Migration deal with some of the main theoretical and policy issues in the field of migration and citizenship. The book discusses globalization and the challenge of blurred citizenships and how this undermines the nation-state as the central site of democracy. Castles and Davidson examines citizenship and the new theoretical and empirical approaches that are needed in a globalized world.
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Geddes, Andrew 2003: The Politics of Migration and Immigration in Europe, Sage, London.
The Politics of migration and Immigration in Europe differentiates between different types of migration, introduces the main concepts and debates, and provides a broad comparative framework from which to assess the role and impact of individual states and the European Union and European integration to the issue of migration.
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Rea, Andrea & Bribosia, Emmanuelle 2002: Les Nouvelles Migrations, un Enjeu Européen, Complexe, Bruxelles.
This book analyzes the current immigration policy trends in Europe examining both EU-level developments and national case studies. It also includes a comparison with Canada and the US. The aim is to understand the new context for migration (diversification of flows, globalization, ageing, labor shortages) and the ways in which current policy trends are adequate.
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Key articles and chapters in handbooks

Massey, Douglas S., Joaquin Arango, Graeme Hugo, Ali Kouaouci, Adela Pellegrino, and J. Edward Taylor 1993: “Theories of International Migration: A Review and Appraisal”, Population and Development Review 19(3), September 1993, 431-466.
This article surveys contemporary theories of international migration in order to illuminate their leading Propositions, assumptions, and hypotheses. In doing so, it hopes to pave the way for a systematic empirical evaluation of their guiding tenets. The authors divide the theories conceptually into those advanced to explain the initiation of international migration and those put forth to account for the persistence of migration across space and time.(©Massey et al., MigRes)
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Guiraudon, Virginie 2004: “Immigration and Asylum: A High Politics Agenda” in Developments in the European Union 2, (Eds. Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtreMaria Green Cowles and Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtreDesmond Dinan), Palgrave, Basingstoke.
The chapter describes and explains the development of EU immigration and asylum policies and analyzes policies up until 2004 in a way accessible to students and neophytes. It also provides a guide for further reading. (©Guiraudon, MigRes)
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Guiraudon, Virginie. & Jileva, Elena 2006: “Immigration and Asylum” in Developments in European Politics, Palgrave, (Eds. Paul M. Heywood, Erik Jones, Martin Rhodes and Ulrich Sedelmeier), Palgrave, Basingstoke.
The chapter takes stock of current migration and policy trends in Europe up until 2005. It provides an analytical framework to understand policy choices. It also focuses on East-West dynamics and the emerging migration trends in the new EU member states. It includes a guide to further reading. (©Guiraudon, MigRes)
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Morawska, Ewa 2001: “Structuring Migration: The Case of Polish Income-Seeking Travelers to the West”, Theory and Society, Vol 30 (1), pp. 47-80.
This article proposes the conceptualization of migration as a structuration Process. The article also integrates theory-building effort in the study of international migration with mainstream sociological theorizing of the “micro-macro link”. (© Morawska).
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