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MigRes provides information useful for interdisciplinary research on migration and migrant communities, as well as on asylum, immigration policy and initiatives targeted at the incorporation of migrants. Related issues such as debates on multiculturalism are also included. The main disciplines covered are social geography, sociology, law, political science and policy studies, philosophy, history, anthropology, economics and demography.
The purpose of the site is to assist academics and students or any person with a specific interest in migration-related issues with research on migration in Europe.
MigRes also provides professors with teaching tools such as syllabi. Students will find bibliographical help as well as links to relevant web sites and journals.
MigRes also includes a directory of scholars to facilitate the creation of research networks and encourage interaction among scholars.

Tools on the site

  • internet resources:
    • national: links to national research centres in European countries (and the US and Canada) working on migration.
    • international: links to international research networks, non governmental organizations and governmental organizations.
    • other web research tools: Links to related websites offering research assistance for academics and others on migration.
  • immigration journals
    Links to journals and newsletters on migration in Europe.
  • directory
    Database of scholars from Europe, the US and Canada working on migration-related issues.
  • syllabi
    Several professors have contributed syllabi from courses they have taught on migration and related topics. The syllabi offer an overview of relevant literature on specific themes.

  • migration library
    The library is a selected bibliography mainly covering the state-of-the-art in the field. It also includes some classics and reference books.





The project is supervised by Virginie Guiraudon. She thanks Lotte HOLM for her assistance in the project in 2005-6 and the European Commission Marie Curie Chair for initial funding.

Ce projet est coordonné par Virginie GUIRAUDON. Elle remercie Lotte HOLM qui a été assistante de recherche en 2005-6 au début du projet lorsque la Commission Européenne a financé la création du site dans le cadre de la Chaire Marie Curie.