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Presentation :

The Lille Center for European Research on Administration, Politics and Society (CERAPS) is a joint research unit of the Lille 2 University and of the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). It belongs to its law, sociology and political science sections.

It is the largest CNRS laboratory in political science, sociology and public law in the north of Paris. By the volume of its contracts, it represents the largest Human and Social Sciences CNRS unit of the French Northern area.


Composition :

The Center staff includes about fifty university professors and CNRS full-time research fellows in political science, public law and sociology, all of whom contribute to our research agenda thanks to their enthusiasm and innovation. The research center also hosts and trains an average sixty PhD students.

Direction :

It was directed by Professor Frédéric SAWICKI from 1999 to 2009. Since 2010, Professor Jean-Gabriel CONTAMIN provides leadership in collaboration with Etienne PENISSAT, a CNRS researcher, who succeeded as deputy director to Virginie GUIRAUDON, director of research at CNRS and Alexis SPIRE, director of research at CNRS.

Themes :

The scientific project of the laboratory (2015-2020) is irrigated by three transverse dimensions:

-the concern for interdisciplinarity between law, political science and sociology

-the concern for methods

-and the emphasis on new technologies and their uses.

It is organized around three themes:

-Axis 1 : 'Health, Body and Environment' (resp. Thomas Alam, Jean-Jacques Lavenue Bruno Villalba)

-Axis 2 : 'Mobilizations, Activism, Representation' (resp. Guillaume Courty, Annie Laurent, Aude Lejeune)

-Axis 3 : 'Legal Orders, Social Orders' (resp. Bracq Stephane, Isabelle Bruno, Anne-Cécile Douillet)

Activities :

The CERAPS regularly organizes scientific events such as conferences and is very active on the international scene thanks to its many institutional partnerships and academic cooperation with foreign researchers, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Africa and Europe.

It also supports a Master in public policy and political science and several Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtretraining courses in public law. It organizes since 1987 Quantilille, the Lille Summer School in Quantitative Methods of Social Sciences, the oldest recurring thematic school of the CNRS and one of few European Summer Schools recognized by the ECPR.

Contracts :

Currently, the CERAPS carries, as primary or secondary holder, seventeen projects of 20,000 euros or more, funded by various agencies (regional, national and European).

Those projects concern:

- Prevention from Health Noncompliance (Marie Curie grant and citizen-region contract) (dir. C.Huyard)

- Research against Cancer (SIRIC Oncolille) (dir. T.Alam and C.Huyard)

- Sociology of Activism (ANR SOMBRERO) (dir. J.Pagis)

- Mobilizations against Nuclear Power Plants (CNRS) (dir. G.Courty and J.Lenoire)

- Coordination of Parties and Voters (University project) (dir. A.Laurent)

- Participation of Civil Society in Research (FP7 Consider) (dir. J.-G.Contamin and M.Revel)

- The Study of E-petitioning (ANR APPEL) (dir. J.-G.Contamin and M.Revel)

- The Study of Discrimination (ANR EODIPAR) (dir. J.Talpin)

- The Study of Immediate Judicial Hearings (GIP Justice) (dir. A.-C.Douillet and T.Léonard)

- The Study of Reasonable Accommodation at Work (GIP Justice) (dir. A.Lejeune)

- The Urban Question (University of Montreal Chair) (dir. F.Desage)

- The Policies in Night (Citizen-Region Project) (dir. G.Courty)

- Video and Audio surveillance: ANR Triage, ANR Biofence, ANR Movement, DGA program Virtualis (dir. J.-J.Lavenue and M.Moritz)

- The Emergence of International Standards (University project) (dir. Y.Buchet de Neuilly and S.Bracq)

- An Observatory on Local Autonomy (OLA, ARCIR project) (dir. S.Guérard)