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Research projects:

The CERAPS focuses on current political transformations in five areas :  
▪ The construction of supranational legal orders
▪ Citizens’ political involvement
▪ The modes of government and legitimation of democratic polities
▪ Political organizations (political parties, trade unions, NGOs, associations, etc.)
▪ The elaboration and diffusion of legal norms.  


The laboratory scientific project (2015-2020) is imbued with three transversal dimensions:

- the concern for the interdisciplinarity between law, political science and sociology
- the concern for the methods being used
- the space granted to new technologies and their using

 This project is structured around three thematic axes:

- the Axe ‘Health, body, environment’ (resp. Thomas Alam, Jean-Jacques Lavenue,  
  Bruno Villalba)
- the Axe ‘Mobilizations, participations, representations’ (resp. Guillaume Courty,
  Annie Laurent, Aude Lejeune)
- the Axe ‘Legal orders, social orders’ (resp. Stéphane Bracq, Isabelle Bruno, Anne-
  Cécile Douillet)